Aco Channel / Linear Drain Cleaning


Channel drains also known as Linear or the brand 'ACO' drainage are commonly found on driveways and paved areas in front of shops and stores on retail parks. Channel drains work in a similar fashion to Road gullies and the silt trap needs to be emptied and the drain lines cleaned on a regular basis. This helps to prevent collected deposits overflowing into the surface/storm water system. We use our high pressure washing equipment to flush through the drain channel and in cases where the channels haven't been previously maintained we remove all protective covers and physically scoop out the channels using our specialist tools.

Due to the location of aco drains being mainly in public places we generaly carry out our cleaning work out of hours to reduce distruption to buisness and the public

Aco Drain Clearing Maintenance Plans / Linear Drains Maintenance Plan

Aco drains to your car park can block very easy with leaves and general dirt. At the Power Jet pressure washing company we have invested in the latest equipment to clean and jet out your Aco drains. We offer a planned maintenance programme to keep your Aco and Linear drains free flowing. A service schedule can be designed specifically to prevent the onset of blockages and other drain related problems.

At PowerJet we can also Install new Aco Drains and full Rainwater Drainage Systems.


PowerJet offer a range of Channel Drain cleaning services including:

  • Sump drains cleared
  • Gulley's cleared/unblocked
  • Aco / Linear drains cleaned
  • New Rainwater Drainage Systems Installed
  • Scheduled Rainwater drain maintenance plans


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